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Tshock Cultura Emocional ( is a performing arts baler production company with 12 years of experience.  Created and managed by Jeroni Obrador, it has three clear lines of work:

Research: dedicated to the investigation of emotional culture as a theatrical tool connects the audience with their capacity for emotional self-management through the acting technique. Her new line of shows belonging to the genre "Anima" belongs to her, created by Jeroni Obrador, supported by the Directors Lab Med of the Lliure Theater of BCN, the third Ibero-American Theater Congress and the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Buenos Aires in the publication and dissemination of the presentation in this regard, among other Latin American institutions and centers in which the research was developed for 10 years: Ministry of Culture Uruguay, Finisterrae University of Chile, Itinerant Theater of the Sun of Colombia, Center 25 de Mayo of Argentina, ESAD of Seville, DGuión School of the San Jorge University of Zaragoza ...  As a result of his research, he creates in 2020 a platform for stage trainers specialized in emotional training:

Production of text shows by contemporary authors. He is currently touring an uchronic show: "Magallanes.0" program of the V Centennial of the first round the world;  as well as “Bernat” a metatheatrical work on identity, both for all audiences. And on the other hand “Ànima” a show of emotional training for all audiences that each institution can mount with its creators and spearhead of the new genre theater that bears the same name.

Manage full-time artistic residencies in the spaces of Can Timoner, Sa Talaia and the Teatre Principal de Santanyí . In which resident companies can create a show artistically and technically, as well as show it at the s'illo Festival, at the desired time, both to get feedback at a moment of the creative process, and to give it a premiere and thus finish the dossier distribution with your video.

The production company works in collaboration with several institutions such as the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the World Network of Magellanic cities, the IEB (Balearic Government), Consell de Mallorca, Teatre Principal de Palma, Ajuntament de Santanyí, Teatre Principal de Santanyí, Latin American Corridors Theater, International Festival of Monologues of the Matacandelas Theater or the Santiago Off Festival in Chile among others.

Our residential spaces are subsidized by:


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