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​ Emotional Culture through the acting technique is the research of Jeroni Obrador supported by the Lab Med Directors at the Free Theater of Barcelona,​​ as well as the third Ibero-American Theater Congress and the University of Buenos Aires on the scientific basis of emotion, feeling, body sensation and state of mind through acting technique. Understood from the neurobiology of emotions and feelings, as well as psychology and anthropology.

Talleres profesionales


for actors




Integrate the method of each creator in the pedagogy of emotion.


Addressed to:

Interested interpreters, screenwriters, actors and professionals, as well as interested psychology professionals, educators and pedagogy​​ in broadening the vision of emotional behavior from the theater.

Photos rehearsals Ànima with professionals at Mapocho Station Cultural Center, Santiago OFF Festival in Chile

Talleres o profesionales

not to

Objectives as a tool for emotional self-management:

Consolidate emotional self-management through acting technique.

Aimed at all users, including workshops on social integration and mental health.


Photos: emotional training rehearsal, Petra Theater workshop

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