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Direction and Dramaturgy                                     Jeroni Obrador


The theater makes us professionals of the fictional conflict and this fact forces us, today, to resolve it towards the well-being of society. We have a responsibility as a sector to the public and to our own co-workers. The acting performance should not be exempt from this contribution to society, and the time has come to open the acting technique to emotional self-management.

But how can we transform ourselves if we don't give importance to emotional pedagogy? If we do not know how to face the creative process to heal and perfect the result at the same time?

“Ànima” is a new theatrical genre created by the playwright Jeroni Obrador named after the first piece that represents him and which is the result of his ten years of research in companies, centers and institutions in Latin America. An investigation that culminated in 2020 at the Directors Lab Med of the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, where he taught it to 20 directors from all over the world and which is taught through the Intelsoul Method for Stage Trainers of pedagogical emotion.





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