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A comedy by Jeroni Obrador about the famous and international tale of Julio César Croce (1620), which in turn transforms the fable of Solomon and Marcolf from the 6th century.



Direction and Dramaturgy                                     Jeroni Obrador

Performers:                                                                    Guiem Juaneda, Magdalena Sbert and Cristina Francioli

Illustrations:                                                                   Llorenç Garrrit

Adviser in the creation and interpretation:   Alfredo Millán

Masks:                                                                              Albert Iglesias 

Wardrobe:                                                                       Sandra Arroyo

Scenography:                                                               Blanca Alonso, Albert Iglesias        

Lighting and audiovisual technician:                Joan Vidal

Production:                                                                    Tshock Emocional Culture

Production assistant:                                                Francesca Alomar Burguera                             


The king has lost his beloved advisor and video game player Bertoldo. He has since lost followers on his social networks and is very bored without him. Upon discovering that Bertoldo had a son, he sends his servant Herminio to look for him in the mountain forest, thinking that maybe he is like his father. Thus begins this twist of Jeroni Obrador to the Mallorcan comedy versioned by the priest Miquel Clar and Llorenç Bonet, with a mixed structure between fables and comedy, which are clearly inspired by the staging of the commedia dell'arte. It introduces as a novelty the illustrations of Llorenç Garrit, who turns the work into a comic theater.


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