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Our goal is to create a relaxed work space, where you can make connections, create new opportunities and undertake new projects.

About us?

Sa Talaia is a multi-purpose spaces in Santanyí, and it is run by the production
company Tshock cultura emocional which also runs the artistic residences of Can
Timoner, and manages the services of the main Theatre of the village. Sa Talaia is a
multi-purpose room with offices with online connections perfect for coworking and it
is also available to rent for all kinds of events.

The village of Santanyí stands out for second-place of quality tourism, with many
cultural events for which our space is ideal for making relations, contacts and creating
new ideas with the help of our scenic and audiovisual production services where we
have more than 10 years of experience.


Sa Talaia is located in Ses Pedreres street number 10, Santanyí, in an
ancient quarry, in an idyllic and quiet environment, 5 minutes away from the town
square. Sa Talaia manages to differentiate from the rest of the coworking spaces
because it has a garden of over 600 m2, an outdoor porch, a multi-purpose room with
a kitchen where events, workshops and shows can be held...

The location allows our customers to learn about the day-to-day life of a Majorcan
who lives in a small village which represents the island idiosyncrasy as well as
enjoying and relating to a rural-natural environment as it is 5 minutes away by car
from beaches like Cala Lombards or Cala Santanyí. The large number of beautiful
creeks, natural parks — attract many teleworkers every year to the village, so it's also a

suitable socio-cultural center for meeting people and enjoying the village's landscape,
visiting the many art galleries, testing local cuisine...


Our goal is to create a relaxed environment, where connections can be established,
new opportunities created and new projects undertaken, as we provide all the
necessary material and support for this to be achieved.
Discovers below the services and spaces we offer.


Private room

The first space we find if we enter through the entrance of Ses Pedreres street is the
private room. It receives this name because of its dimensions (7.11 m2) and its
architectural features that makes it suitable for more intimate and personal activities.
The Private room is intended for those who need a quiet space to work isolated from
the other tables. It is a luminous room with direct entrance and exit to the street,
which implies greater privacy, as it is not necessary to have to cross other rooms to
access it.

The maximum capacity is up to five people.

Polyvalent Room

It is the largest and most chameleonic office in Sa Talaia, hence its name "polyvalent",
as it can be used for multiple functions. It measures 22.74 m2. The large windows
bring light and help the space breath, as they also allow to have a view of the garden
and you are able to hear the singing of birds, giving the customer the necessary peace
of mind.
It can be accessed, through the gatehouse on Frau Romeu Bruguera Street, so you do
not need to go through the office, providing greater privacy and autonomy. Decorating
the wall is a large canvas made by the multi-disciplinary artist Catalina Obrador, which
provides personality in the space and also a touch of color. On each side of the
painting there are shelves embedded in the wall and these are available for the
customer service.

It is one of the main coworking rooms where each user has their own permanent desk,
chair, individual lamp and garbage.

S'Illo room

The third space is "the s’Illo room ", his name seeks to refer to the international and
independent festival, that the company Tshock Cultura Emocional has organized and
promoted since 2014. It is a space that is used both for coworking and for cultural
events because it claims to be a meeting place between local, national or international
artists and it’s audience. The space has a raised platform (stage) and the space where
the audience can be both right and seated.

It´s 40 meters.

Meeting room

It’s a 34 square meter room with a 40 square kitchen and terrace.


Sa Talaia has a large garden area (500 square meters) as well as several warehouses
where customers can store the material they want. This area has its own entrance
where large cars such as vans can enter and exit. It is also a recreation area for
customers with a porch/chill out zone of 20 square meters.

Virtual office

  • Social distillation of your company in our address

  • Reception of correspondence and packages.

  • Scanner or remail of correspondences according to rates

  • Communication of existence of ordinary mail.

  • Remail correspondence to another postal address.

  • Use of the meeting room 2 h per month and you have 10% off in all other services
    (discount only for annual contracts) (the discount includes the cultural activities done in Sa Talaia)


  • You can leave the material and the belongings you deem appropriate.

  • Cleaning Service: For us it is extremely important to guarantee our customers that
    they will be in a clean and orderly space. That is why we guarantee to our customers
    that every checkout, the space will be cleared and disinfected (movables, material,

  • High-speed WI-FI

  • Community Bathroom: Bathrooms according to the rules laid down in the Labor Risk
    Prevention Act (Real Decree 486/1997) will have a disinfectant soap dispenser and
    paper towels.

  • Community kitchen: available for all our customers . There will be a microwave, oven,
    Nespreso machine, a Kettel as well as crockery.

  • Shelves

  • Air conditioning and Stoves

  • Material: table, individual chairs, lamp, paperwork material.

  • Wardrobe: customers who want to be able to keep their belongings (bag, jackets,
    coats...) in our office there is a roller hanger where you can hang them.

  • Warehouse: for regular costumers

Square Stage

King Pack

costumers that have hired at least one month, including

Wi-Fi, meeting
room access with prior reservation. Full month part-time from 9.00 h. to 14.00 h. Monday to Saturday:

250 €

Square Stage

Meeting room:

€ 25 per hour

Square Stage

Cow Pack

It includes wifi, access to common areas such as toilets kitchen, garden and
chillout area. It doesn’t include access to meeting room. Coworking will be done in the
Polyvalent room and s’illo room.

one month part-time (9.00 to 14.00 h.):

€ 150

one day part-time:

€ 15

8 day bono:

€ 75

Square Stage

Virtual office pack

€ 30 per hour

Square Stage

Pack events it includes the garden area:


€ 25 per hour

Square Stage

8-hour rental for all the spaces in Sa Talaia to celebrate a private event:

200 €

(consult for times.)

Permanent user*: 10% discount on all extra activities they want to hire (rental of all
the space for events, discount on the tickets of the events celebrated and the
workshops made in Sa Talaia).

*We consider a permanent user that person that has hired at least one month or


  • Portable Projector: to project and display images or videos in large dimensions and
    quality: 15 €/time

  • Make a Streaming with camera realizer: 195€. one camera and 290€ two cameras.

  • Access to fixed phone: 2€ a day.

  • Printer: 0.20 cents per sheet in B / W. 0.15 cents from 10 fols.

Hours of the day: 8:30 - 14:30

Reception Service: 8:30 - 14:30 from Monday to Friday

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