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the architect and the emperor of assyria

Direction and dramaturgy                                  Jeroni Obrador
Interpreters                                                               Jeroni Guiem Obrador
                                                                                         Guiem Juaneda
Scenography                                                            Catalina Obrador
                                                                                        Tomeu Esterlich
Lighting and sound                                              Joan Vidal
Costume Poster                                                     Maria Miró
                                                                                       Catalina Obrador
Music                                                                          Guiem Juaneda

Supervision of                                                        Sergi Tomàs



The Architect is a wild human being whom nature obeys and who lives alone on a desert island.

But a great accident, which triggers the nuclear alarm, leaves him with a new companion, an individual of the most common of mortals, who will pose as the Emperor of Assyria and will want to educate him to have a subject.

But the so-called classes turn into a crazy game and little by little the theatrical game becomes a therapeutic set, where the injured person discovers the intoxication of power over himself and will need to transform some rusty or mistaken values about the understanding of the world, the family and sexuality that will lead him to confess ...

There are few texts and authors of the so-called panic theater in the world. And very few staging as panic comedy. Few Empires like that of Assyria, which covered, millennia ago, the current countries of the Near East; delineated by brute force, at will, from the West.

And few opportunities to see a painting in the theater. A painting without beginning, middle and end, a painting or a photo that captures an instant of life. Do not look for a logic and you will be able to find it, or look for logic and get lost forever.

Welcome to the great accident of the universe.                                                                                              
Jeroni Guiem Obrador



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