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New call for residences S sa Talaia with the main theater of Palma

Deadline January 20

* 3 residences of 2 weeks each with a scholarship of €1,500


sa Talaia

Center specialized in full-time creation residencies of at least one week. Power research montages of emotional training across all scenic disciplines.


* This call allows you to join the other agreements of Sa Talaia with other institutions and carry them out in other residence centers.

Open call, national and international, for artistic residencies for the creation of shows 2022 in SA TALAIA (Santanyí), with the following purposes:

· The promotion of professional careers and creative processes.

· The promotion of visibility and knowledge of artistic projects.

· Boosting the creative processes of emerging artists.

· The promotion of artistic and management research processes. Projects based on the investigation of feeling, mood and emotion will be valued more positively.

· The promotion of synergies between artists, cultural associations and the people.


The residencies are eminently intended for any artist or professional creator in the field of performing arts who has a project to create shows, with researchers in the field of emotion, mood and feeling also being a priority for the center. through the performing arts. The quality, risk and level of experimentation of the proposal will be assessed, in addition to the return it may generate.

These residencies are for local, national and international artists.

​ Playwrights from the Balearic area who wish to carry out a theatrical writing project and need a workspace are also eligible for the one-week residency.

To find out more and / or request the residency contact: /


-Fulfill the conditions mentioned in the section (For whom?).

-Indicate the number of residents and if you intend to do a pre-premiere or premiere at the Teatro Principal de Santanyí.

-Attach an explanatory sheet (PDF) that includes:

·1)Brief project dossier

2)Possible timings during 2023

3)Artistic sheet

4)Reasons why you want to carry out a full-time residency at Can Timoner up to a maximum of 10 people for two weeks.

Our residence spaces are subsidized by:

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