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Sa Talaia gestiona residencias artísticas de producción y creación escénica a "full time" en el propio espacio, Can Timoner y el Teatro Principal de Santanyí.

Tiene una trayectoria independiente de once años y puede hospedar hasta 12 creadores en un mismo proyecto, aportándoles tanto una sala de danza, como dos salas polivalentes, y 4 espacios escénicos diferenciados. Así como residencia técnica en el Teatro de Santanyí y proyección internacional en el estreno en el Festival independiente s'Illo.

Cuenta con tres espacios:
-Sa Talaia: Es un espacio de residencias artísticas aituado en Santanyí (Mallorca). Hay: una sala polivalente un almacén para trabajar escenografías y vestuario, una oficina, una sala de actos, cocina, baño y una zona con jardín.

-Can Timoner: Es el espacio de hospedaje para los residentes. Se trata de un casal de 600 metros situados en el centro de Santanyí. Bajo petición previa se pueden hospedar hasta 12 personas. El espacio cuenta con 5 habitaciones, cocina, dos baños, tres terrazas, diferentes espacios de recreo y tres salas.

-Teatro Principal de Santanyí: Gracias a la gestión de servicios del teatro por parte de la productora Tshock, los residentes pueden disponer de un espacio técnico para ensayos y preestrenos o estrenos. El teatro dispone de 180 asientos y un escenario de 12x10 m2, así como equipo de sonido y luces profesionales.



Sa Talaia manages artistic residencies for full time stage production and creation in the space itself, Can Timoner and The Teatro Principal de Santanyí.
It has an independent history of eleven years and can host up to 12 creators in the same project, providing them with both a dance room, two multipurpose rooms, and 4 different performing spaces. As well as a technical residency at the Santanyí Theater and international projection at the premiere at the independent S'Illo Festival.
It has three spaces:
-Sa Talaia: It is an artistic residency space located in Santanyí (Mallorca). There is a multipurpose room, a warehouse to work on sets and costumes, an office, an assemby room, kitchen, bathroom and a garden area.
-Can Timoner: It is the lodging space for residents. It is a 600 meters mansion located in the center of Santanyí. Upon prior request, up to 12 people can stay. The space has 5 bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms, kitchen, three terraces, different recreational spaces and three living rooms.

-Teatro Principal de Santanyí: Thanks to management of theater services by the production company Tshock, resident can have a technical space for rehersals and previews or premieres. The Theater has 180 seats and a 12x10 m2 stage, as well as professional sound and lighting equipment.



-Use of the creation spaces: Residents will have three spaces at their disposal that are less than 200m away: Sa Talaia (as a creation space), Can Timoner (for accomodation) and the Teatro Principal de Santanyí (for technique residence) and a preview or premiere.

-50% box office: The previews or premieres of the project may take place in Sa Talaia or in the The Teatro Principal de Santanyí. The resident company keeps 50% of the box office.

-"Teta Premium" audicence award. The residency will be part of the S'Illo Festival (11 th edition). Therefore, it will compete for the Teta Premium (public award). The winner gets 500€, in exchange, they have to carry out a cultural activity in the next edition of the festival.

-Artistic advice: Dramaturgy direction, costumes, set design, sound and technical space.

-Emotional training: Sponsored by Intelsoul, emotional training platform for Performing Arts professionals.

-Support in the process: Support in the creative and production process.

-Dissemination: Dissemination of the project in residence, and of the press realease provided by the resident in our social networks, website and media.



-Memory of the experience: Description of the activities carried out (with pictures), opinions of residents, etc.

-Press release: Prepare a press release once the residency is completed. Sa Talaia will disseminate it on its social networks, website and media.

-Collaborate with the dissemination of the project: As well as in all those activities that are carried out during your residency. In the case of billboard publication, the Sa Talaia logo will be added.

-Respect the spaces and the material. Commitment on the part of the residents to leave the facilities and the material provided as they found them. Sa Talaia reserves the right to pay 50% of the box office once the spaces and material used have been verified.



-On professional trajectories and creative processes.

-On the visibility and knowledge of artistic projects.

-Of the creative processes of emerging artists.

-Of the documentation, artistic research and managment processes.


-Of the synergies between artists, cultural associations and the people of Santanyí and entities twinned with Tshock.


-Of the interpretive technique, understood with dance, acting and music, related to emotion and feeling.


The residencies intended for that professional artist or creator in the filed of performing arts who has a project to develop or investigate.

The quality, rigor and level of experimentation of the proposal will be assessed, and the return it can generate. Priority willl be given to proposals linked to the Community of the Balearic Islands (whether by the team or by the theme), and the investigation of emotion, feeling or any related aspect, FACT WHICH INCLUDES BODY PROFESSIONALS, SUCH AS ACTORAL INTERPRETERS AND DANCE. Playwrights who wish to carry out a playwriting project and need a workspace are also eligible for these rediencies.


-Meet the conditions mentioned in the section (For whom?)

-Indicate the number of residents and if you intend to hold a preview or premiere at the Teatro Principal de Santanyí. Attach an explanatory sheet ( PDF) that includes:

a) Brief description of the creation of the project that you want to carry out during the residency.

b) Personal data, contact information and CV.

c) Indicate the intented use of the benefits.

-In the case of wanting to change the duration of the residence, it is also worth mentioning it.

*Send requested documentation to

Our residence spaces are subsidized by:

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