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Pell de Sargantana is a thriller for young people and adults, that entertains and engages as a thriller, at the same time that it takes a photo of sexism in its purest form.


Espectáculo subvencionado por:

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Director:  Jeroni Obrador

Author: Àlex Tejedor

Performers: Laura Andújar, Rodo Gener, Àlex Tejedor, Bàrbara Nicolau

Scenography: Popea

Assistant director: Alfredo Millán

Dramaturgical advisor: Enric Ases

Mapping and audiovisual projection: Karla Kracht

Audiovisuals (cinema): Joan Vidal and Jeroni Obrador

Lighting: Joan Vidal and Jeroni Obrador

Costumes and props: Sandra Arroyo

Technicians: Joan Vidal, Jeroni Obrador

Production: Tshock Cultura Emocional

Production Assistant: Francesca Alomar


Gerard is a lonely contemporary art dealer confined to a wheelchair, who lives in the middle of te countryside, in a large manor house with the latest technologies. One night he receives a visit from Alexia, an attractive young woman who turns out to be a prostitute who has come to do sexual companionship. Gerard refuses her services in exchange for having a simple conversation with her. Their talk drifts towards an unexpected situation, just at the moment when an unknown man appears, causing a very tense situation. From here on, their interactions force the characters' lives and pasts to play a very important role in the events of a night that will change their lives forever.







Joan Carles Bestard

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