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​The war of images  , is a play originally written in Spanish and Catalan, by the playwright, actor and director Jeroni Guiem Obrador.
In it Jupiter  grant a day to the gods  Greco-Romans in order to free man from obsession and thus give up his original idea: to end our species and start over with a better and different one.
The protagonist of the work is his son Mars, the god of truth by force, who decides to go down to earth as head of state to prevent Jupiter from causing the last great war, if the other gods do not achieve their difficult goal in the deadline.​
Mars  decides that the only way to blend in with humans without being discovered is by becoming an actor, and having so little time to prepare he needs the best teachers: Michael Chekhov  and Constantin Stanislavsky, who his father gets him  exchanging them to the Devil for Mother Teresa of Calcutta ...

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