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Blai Bonet theater series

The Cycle "The theater of Blai Bonet" is an initiative of Tshock Cultura Emocional that includes the two well-known works of the author:

- "Parasceve"

- "Office of the career"

-As well as the Documentary

"The Teatre de Blai Bonet"


Direction and dramaturgy                                                                        Jeroni Obrador

Interpreter                                                                                                        Marta Barcelo

                                                                                                                               Guillem Juaneda   

                                                                                                                               David Pérez Miró

Voices of Robert Skiud and the Soldier                                             Xavier Núñez and Jeroni Obrador

Music                                                                                                                  Pep burguera

Scenography                                                                                                 Catalina Obrador

Costume / Dressmaker                                                                            Inès Colom

Lighting and sound                                                                                    Joan Vidal

Production Assistant                                                                                Isabel Maria Galmés


Blai Bonet's Parasceve tells the story of the Skiud family, making a perfect portrait of wartime family psychology. A story that delves into the individual, managing to empathize with all kinds of viewers. For this reason, it transcends the barriers of the local, making its message universal through the psychology of the individual and a timeless and out-of-space message, invoking us all in the face of war; A fact that aroused my interest as a theater professional and launched me to project this work towards the mental health of the spectator and of society in order to once again put the spotlight on theater as a ritual.


trades from Street


Brief musical play (25 minutes) that the author wrote for the fifths of 77 of the Obispo Verger school when they were 8 years old. In 2017 and on the occasion of its 40th birthday, this group at the same 2017 asked the director Jeroni Obrador, who had directed "Parasceve" by the same author, to direct the piece to represent it at the Santanyí theater. The result has been to make representations in all the Balearic Islands, as well as in Palma, the sociocultural centers of the Manacor and Inca councils for the elderly and the Sineu Cinema on the occasion of the centenary set of the town market. A staging encompassed within a cycle called "The theater of Blai Bonet" that is accompanied by the broadcast of the documentary that bears the same name as the cycle (25 minutes). A 50-minute act that has been appreciated to remember the old trades that have disappeared and the life that existed in the streets of the towns and applauded in more than 300 functions.


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