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Sa talaia

Center specialized in the production of theatrical productions of text and research on emotional culture through all other scenic disciplines.

Sa Talaia manages full time artistic production and creation residencies in the space itself, Can Timoner and the Teatro Principal de Santanyí.


It has an independent history of eight years and can host up to 12 creators in the same project, providing both a dance room, as well as two multipurpose rooms, and 4 different stage spaces. As well as a technical residency at the Santanyí theater and an international premiere screening through the independent S'Illo Festival.


Beyond stage production, it is a project created and managed by the production company TSHOCK - Cultura Emocional, which investigates the study of emotion from its biophysical perspective, differentiating it from the psychology of feeling. His workshops and research have been given at different Spanish and South American universities.

Being a research center, it also welcomes all the scenic disciplines that investigate this aspect and accompanies their productions, dramaturgies or exhibitions. Also offering residencies of textual creation with possible dramatized reading and follow-up to the playwright.


Some other entities collaborate in different ways, such as the S'Illo Festival Spectators Association, the Latin American Theater Corridors Festivals (CLT), the Matacandelas Theater Monologues Festival in Medellín, Santiago Off de Chile, the City Council of Santanyí, Balearic Government, etc.


Thus, the purpose of these residencies are:


- The promotion of professional careers and creative processes of montage, as well as the visibility and knowledge of artistic projects and their results.


- The promotion of the creative processes of emerging artists, as well as processes of documentation, artistic research and management.


- The promotion of synergies between artists, cultural associations, the people and entities twinned with the Tshock production company in other countries.


- The investigation of the interpretive technique, understood as dance, performance and music, related to emotion and feeling.


- Advise the executive and technical production and distribution.


C / de les Pedreres 10

07650 · SANTANYÍ

Contact: Jerónimo Obrador

+34 647164507

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