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T shock C ulture E mocional:


It is a Balearic theater production company, which has performed more than 200 performances, currently working in 5 countries in South America, Spain, Mallorca and Germany.

He has been in Festivals and Fairs such as FACYL, Feria de Manacor, Feria B!, Fito 2016, El Ejido Theater Festival, L'AltreFestival (Flower Market), Latin American Correderas, Matacandelas Monologues Festival (Colombia), International Theater Frankfurt, 30th Anniversary Itinerant Theater of the Sun (Colombia), The Theater that comes, Finalist of the CENIT, among others Organizer of the Blai Bonet Theater Cycle (Balearic Tour with 20 people), of the Festival s'Illa (5 international editions, where the conferences and workshops of Fernando Arrabal and C. Jodorowsky stand out).


It was born in 2010 with the aim of making creations that show the transformation of personal values, as well as the review of the use of emotional and social skills.


Regarding research, it promotes and investigates Emotional Culture workshops for all ages, a subject of its own created by Jerónimo Obrador, which has been coordinated and collated by the San Jorge University of Zaragoza, Finis Terrae University of Santiago de Chile il ' ESAD of Seville, enters others; a proper way of teaching tools of psychology and psychiatry through the acting technique and dramaturgy.


As of 2016 the company. Tshock abandons the creation of experimental shows and the tragic genre, due to the consolidated maturity of the creative capacity for all audiences, without losing his own stamp or the therapeutic and investigative aspect. Tshock has also held photo exhibitions, a documentary, and co-edited books of plays.



- "Berna. 05/02/19. Teatro Principal de Santanyí. 3 Actors. Comedy for all audiences. Operation plan with 9 confirmed performances.

"Street Trades" by Blai Bonet. May 4, 2017. Principal Theater of Santanyí. 14 actors. Musical and family theater. 20 Features.

Salome, the seven vels.¨ (Winner of the contest "On the occasion of Salomé" at the Main Theater of Palma) 03/03/16. Palma Principal Theater. 7 Actors. Erotic theater. Only during Opera performance in the Sala Gran.

- "The architect and the Emperor d'Assíria.¨ 09/11/2015 Teatro Principal Palma. 2 Actors. Theater for Adults. 40 performances.

- "Vivir Soñando 06/15/13 Plaza España de Palma. Colmena Festival 2013. 1 Actress. Dance therapy for all audiences. Integration of the collective with PCI. 20 functions.

- Parasceve by Blai Bonet. (Finalist of the V CENIT) 12/23/12. Sala Gran Teatro Principal de Palma. 3 Actors. Historical Memory Theater, formed by institutes and adults. 50 functions.

- "Koran 45321.¨ 06 / 2011. TNT Theater. Seville. 1 Actor. Experimental theater for all audiences. 40 performances

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